About Me.

My name is Denny Truong, I'm 20 years old and I was born and raised in Orange County, California. I am currently studying photography at OCC hoping to go professional one day. I do a lot of event coverage in Orange County and try to go to concerts and events as often as my schedule permits me to. I picked up photography about 2 years ago and loved it ever since. My mom has been my main supporter and she always encourage me to do what I loved best, taking pictures. I've alway had an intrest in photography but could never afford to buy the equipment and lens and etc for it so I never really persued it until the beginning of my Senior year at Mater Dei High School (Class of 2008). My mom finally lent me some money and I began doing as many of photoshoots, portraiture, and concert photography as often as I can to gain more knowledge and gain that experience and skills that no one can really teach me but myself. I will continue to pursue my dreams and one day become a fashion photographer or photojournalist, that is my ultimate goal.